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Applications Using Ozone and Its Integrated Technology

There are a wide variety of applications today for the integration of ozone technology designed to improve desired treatment outcomes while eliminating hazardous and costly chemicals and their outdated processes. Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective can now be used in the same sentence.

Food and Beverage Industries

Ozone systems are completely reshaping the way the beverage and food industry sanitize their plants by moving away from the conventional cleaning methods of the last 5 decades. The ozone produced by ozone generators kills more of common organisms (bacteria, fungus, pathogens, etc.) and does it far more efficiently than chlorine.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

If your projects require dealing with groundwater MTBE, TBA and GRO removal there is a process more effective than pump-and-treat and air sparging.

An innovative chemical oxidation process using ozone microbubbles and hydroperoxide-coated ozone microbubbles that are pulsed through the soil and groundwater have proved extremely cost-effective in the remediation treatment of petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, and PAHs. This patented processes* dramatically reduces the time, total cost, and potential long-term liability of traditional clean-up methods such as pump-and-treat and dig-and-haul and other In-situ treatments.


Wastewater and Municipal Water Treatment

Ozone is a natural fit for wastewater treatment in many industries. Ozone can be used in the final polishing stage for BOD reduction and/or as a flocculent of fats, oils, grease (FOGs) as well as total suspended solids (TSS).


Recovery/Removal of Metallic Elements from Waste Water

Ozone Technologies Group is pleased to announce that it has obtained the exclusive marketing license from the United States Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for the removal of metallic elements from waste water using ozone.

Shale Gas Fracture Water Treatment and Recycling

There has been a boom in the gaseous shale extraction throughout the United States and no where is that more evident than in the newest find; the Marcellus Shale Region that extends through the Appalachian Mountain Ranges of TN, KY, WV, VA, PA and NY.


Golf Course Treatment

Golf courses have come under increasing pressure from environmental regulations and environmental groups to lower the amount of chemical runoff going into streams and the overall water table. This presents a real dilemma for the courses.