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Ozone Advantages for Golf Course Treatment

Golf courses have come under increasing pressure from environmental regulations and environmental groups to lower the amount of chemical runoff going into streams and the overall water table. This presents a real dilemma for the courses; golfers want to play on lush green fairways and greens and the greens keepers and support staff historically have needed chemicals to make the courses meet these expectations.

Those days are now over! Ozone can replace the majority of chemicals currently being applied and do a better job. Advantages include: reduced chemical costs, better control of fungus, molds and bacteria that can attack the grass, strong root structure of the grass and the ability to increase oxidation to the grass improving its overall health. Additionally, the Course now becomes a “Green” neighbor to the community with the elimination/reduction of harmful chemical reaching area water sources.

Golf courses are increasingly required to use poor quality water for irrigation. Whether using effluent, well, brackish, or city water, diffusing such gases as ozone (O3), oxygen (O2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) will improve the quality of lakes and ponds, irrigation water, and soil. Common golf course irrigation water issues such as high bacteria counts, high bicarbonates, lack of dissolved oxygen, and high pH levels can be eliminated with ozone, oxygen, and carbon dioxide diffusion. Ozone removes harmful contaminants and bacteria, and creates an aerobic environment that facilitates the decomposition of unwanted organic materials. Oxygen creates an aerobic environment in the soil, which, among other things, will increase percolation and root growth. Carbon Dioxide, when required, controls pH levels. With the proper gas diffusion system, golf courses can as stated substantially reduce the use of chemicals.

  • Ozone kills algae, disease bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, larvae, spores, etc.
  • Extra oxygen aids good bacteria and reduces or eliminates having to aerate turf
  • Cleans ponds to pristine condition and eliminates bad odors
  • Reduces fertilizer usage by about 33%
  • Eliminates use of algaecides and fungicides
  • Can eliminate soggy turf areas by increasing percolation
  • Completely automated; when water turns on, ozone system turns on
  • Expected payback in less than two years
  • Ability to claim "Environmentally Friendly Golf Course"

* A detailed paper is available that provides the science behind ozone, oxygen, and carbon dioxide as they relate to the effects on golf course irrigation water and soil.