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Shale Oil and Gas Frac Water Treatment and Recycling

There has been a boom in oil and gaseous shale extraction throughout the world. This newest source of energy has placed a new dynamic into the energy industry. The Marcellus Shale and Utica Region that extends through the Appalachian Mountain Ranges of TN, KY, WV, VA, OH,PA and NY. These two shale fields lay on top of one another and is said to be the largest find in the US, if not the world.

Marcellus & Utica Shale Region

Marcellus & Utica Shale Region

The natural gas industry is already placing significant amounts of people and equipment into these states to capitalize on this resource. The techniques that are used to extract the oil and gas involve the process called "fracing" and have presented these industries with several challenges involving the treatment and disposal of this "fracing" fluid.

Ozone Technologies Group is pleased to be working with Lake Country Frac Water Specialists (LCFWS) and its patented processes for the treatment of these fluids. The flow-back waters have contaminates such as: petroleum hydrocarbons, oil and grease, dieselrelated organics, BTEX, polyacrilamides, transition metals, barium and strontium. The removal of these to the regulatory standards can be accomplished with mobile, semi-fixed or fixed equipment.

Systems have been in the field since 2008 processing these fluids. Current system designs include mobile, semi-fixed and fixed equipment. Flow designs are from 5,000 bbl per day to 500,000 bbl per day. Larger volumes at the fixed and semi-fixed sites are not a problem. The semi-fixed and fixed sites are based on modular designs that provide for maximum flexibility in processing a wide variety of "frack" water contaminates and allow for the easy expansion of the design to process additional product volumes.

Extracting oil and gas from its host shale deposit requires enormous amounts of fresh water. Since water is a precious resource there is always concern about the dangers of being depleted by such high-volume usage. The direct re-use of flowback waters is often prohibited because of contaminants from the shale. So the challenge is to effectively and economically treat the flowback water to allow recycling into the next production well.

The OTG and LCFWS process answers the challenge. A combination of ozone, chemicals, filtration and membranes allow for treatment of these contaminated waters.

Ozone Technologies Group is available to discuss the treatment of "Frac" water for all of the oil and gaseous shale regions in the US, Canada, Mexico and Columbia, S.A..